We focus on addressing Film Festival Strategy and International Sales of Audiovisual Content. Our goal is to empower professionals to effectively distribute their productions globally.

Our MASTERCLASSES emphasize the importance of considering a film’s global reach from its initial developmental stage. Many filmmakers complete their movies but struggle to connect with their audience often overlooking international distribution leading to significant disappointments.

Our approach provides tools to create clear objectives and develop distribution strategies from the project’s development exploring labs, co-production forums and utilizing resources available at various festivals and markets.

The MASTERCLASSES highlight the critical role of promotional materials (trailers, posters, press kits) essential for successful distribution. Additionally, it proposes effective strategies for a successful festival journey recognizing their pivotal role in distributing films, that require customized approaches for each production.

The MASTERCLASSES delve into the most relevant points within film exhibition (theaters, TV, streaming platforms, airlines, schools) shedding light on the roles of sales agents collaboration methods – contracts terms – and the potential for international distribution of independent films.

The discussion extends to ideas on how to harness and maximize the benefits of global film markets.

We tailor our Masterclasses to each group’s needs and preferences providing a personalized learning experience.

We worked providing our consultancy and masterclasses alongside:

DOCS BARCELONA-Spain, GUADALAJARA FILM FESTIVAL-Mexico, MERCADO ENTRE FRONTERAS-Paraguay, FADU-Argentina (Faculty of Architecture Design and Urbanism of Buenos Aires University), UNA-Argentina (National University of the Arts), CIC- Argentina (Film Research Center), SANFIC-Chile, FICER-Argentina, FAB-Argentina, MAFICI-Argentina, Cine de las Alturas-Argentina,