Martin Weber’s Award Winner Map of Latin American Dream will have its Market Debut during the upcoming Marche du Film.

The screening will take place at el Cine de Argentina on Tuesday June 23rd at 10am.

The film won the Prix Documentaire at Cinйlatino Rencounters de Toulouse and an Honorable Mention at Brasilia Film Festival.

About the movie
Between 1992 and 2013 the Argentine artist, Martнn Weber, photographed with intensity and intimacy Latin America, asking people to write their dreams with chalk on a wooden board. Decades later, he wondered if any of those wishes had been fulfilled. This film is a new journey in the search for the same people to give testimony of their lives.

For the last 8 years Martнn has filmed through Argentina, Peru, Nicaragua, Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico. On his path he has witnessed the economic, political, social and military violence that mark the continent. Martнn ventures beyond the conventional limits of the gaze and enters situations that clearly show the consequences of migrations, and the degradation of the social fabric. The experiences shared reveal the fractures and gaps in the dreams portrayed. His resilient characters, struggle between hope and despair, between emigrating and remaining home. This journey invites the spectator to identify with collective and private stories. If a photo freezes a moment, this film melts these past moments and gives them back the strength of the present.

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