We are thrilled to announce that Punctum Sales has acquired the international sales rights for A Farewell to Memory (Adiуs a la memoria, 2020) the new documentary by Nicolбs Prividera.

Nicolбs Prividera’s first feature film “M” won the award for Best Latin-American Feature Film at Mar del Plata Film Festival and his documentary “FATHERLAND” premiered at Toronto International Film Festival. In both cases, Nicolбs stands out for thinking about the relationships between history, memory and tradition. A Farewell to Memory is no exception.

A father who has lost his memory, while in his country a government proposes forgetfulness.A son who dives into the family films his father shot, searching for traces of his own memory.And between the two, the impossible memory of the missing mother..

A Farewell to Memory will open in theaters in Argentina in 2020.

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